Four Benefits of An Open MRI Scan

Bela Papp/ October 13, 2018/ General Article/ 0 comments

When you are suffering from an ongoing injury or illness, your doctor may order an MRI to investigate the problem. If you are worried about sliding into the tunnel, you can talk to your doctor about an open MRI machine. There are several benefits of opting for an open MRI scan instead of a traditional MRI scan.

If you have anxiety or claustrophobia, an open design is a good choice for you. The design eliminates the tunnel and offers space on both sides of your body. You can take comfort in knowing you are not sliding into an enclosed space.

The open design also features a body-weight capacity for scanning patients of different body types. You do not have to worry about lying in an uncomfortable position to get an accurate scan. This also means you do not have to schedule a second MRI to get a better reading.

You can also opt for an open MRI machine if you do not want to feel alone during the procedure. Your technician monitors you the whole time to make sure everything is going smoothly. You are also connected to your technician through a high-quality speaker system. This feature may still be available for a traditional MRI scan, but it is definitely available for an open MRI scan.

The quick results are another benefit of an open MRI scan. Your doctor usually receives the test results within 24 hours of the procedure. They may receive the results within an hour if it is an emergency situation. This means you do not have to wait weeks to find out the results of your open MRI scan.

If your doctor needs an MRI to diagnose your medical condition, talk to them about having the scan done with an open MRI machine.