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Pasukan Sukarelawan Homeopathy Malaysia yang di ketuai oleh Prof Dr Nik Omar telah berkhidmat dimerata tempat diseluroh dunia, khususnya disekitar negara-negara Asia. Just after the FDA’s warning was released, retailers such as CVS and Walgreens withdrew the suspect homeopathic teething tablets and gels from retailer shelves, though the goods have been not officially recalled prior to now. We have the biggest, most diverse membership in the homeopathic community and we are the national go-to resource for all who are interested in mastering about homeopathy. But in light of the burgeoning mainstream marketing of OTC homeopathic solutions alongside other OTC drugs,” the FTC has decided to step up enforcement. This means that no security measures had been put in location and the drops could be a health threat.

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