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In Memory – Brian James Ellis “Serenity”

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In Memory - Brian James Ellis

This is one of the last photo’s I have of my friend Brian James Ellis…

and it’s quite possibly the most meaningful photo I’ve ever made. The subjects of this photo are my friends Brian and Ashley. Brian passed away six days ago after a nearly five year long battle with Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer).

Brian’s battle with cancer was a turbulent and exhausting one. Soon after being diagnosed with Osteosarcoma Brian was forced to have his leg amputated. After the amputation and intensive chemotherapy, Brian’s cancer was thought to be in remission. He was on top of the world after finding out the news and Brian chose to finally pursue his passion of art and photography by enrolling into a highly selective art program at a nearby university. Sadly, not long after starting school he had to leave to restart chemotherapy and other forms of treatment to fight the reoccurring cancer.

Everyone that knew Brian admired his courage and desire to live even when faced with a truly aggressive form of cancer. Though there were many times Brian had very little energy and had difficulty breathing, he still found the strength to pick up his trusty Nikon DSLR and go outside to photograph things with me.

Rest easy Brian, you are greatly missed…

To Read Brian’s story and help us establish a memorial gallery showing featuring his work. please visit:


Thank you

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At this time of the year we have a tendency to rush through our day and forgetti…

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At this time of the year we have a tendency to rush through our day and forgetting to stop and enjoy the moment. Stop now put everything down go for a walk in nature for 30 minutes enjoy feeling blessed and gratitude for this moment.
Our mind body and soul need this time to rejuvenate.
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Female Reproductive Histopathology Triptych

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Female Reproductive Histopathology Triptych

" My name is Penny Oliver and I am committed to creating artwork that will inspire and reinvigorate you in your practice of medicine.
By interpreting and translating anatomic, histologic and diagnostic images, I seek to create art that is both beautiful to the layperson and meaningful to the medical professional.
Contact me to see how your work and passion can be transformed into a stunning piece of original art.

Diagnosis ART, Custom Paintings for the Medical Professional
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by Penny Oliver – all our posts about cancer – womens’ health.
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