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The department of medicine, which includes dermatology, deals primarily with the treatment of skin diseases. Mainly by choosing the right pharmacotherapy and performing very complicated surgical procedures. It is worth knowing that a specialist in dermatology is a dermatologist.

Treatment of skin diseases

Many people are not fully aware of what exactly dermatology does. Interestingly, this is one of the most extensive branches of medicine. One of the main tasks of the dermatologist is the treatment of skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, acne treatment, mycosis and psoriasis. Nevertheless, aesthetic dermatology also includes minor beauty treatments. As you know, most skin diseases make the patient look unsightly and lose confidence. The problem concerns especially women, who in the case of skin diseases feel unattractive. Moreover, the longer a patient delays treatment of skin diseases, the more likely it is that the condition will leave a scar. Therefore, anyone who notices disturbing symptoms from their skin should immediately report to an experienced dermatologist.

Reducing skin imperfections

The dermatologist’s task is also to improve the condition of the face or neck. Many innovative treatments in the field of aesthetic dermatology improve the appearance of the skin. One of them is the injection of specialized fillers that reduce the visibility of deep wrinkles. In a dermatological office, you can also undergo a scar reduction treatment. Which is especially important for people with visible traces of laryngological surgery. In addition, the dermatologist is able to help people who are struggling with numerous skin discolorations or stretch marks. Professional dermatological offices also reduce various types of skin problems, such as visible vessels, bruises under the eyes or excessive exfoliation of the epidermis.

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